Who has been appointed as the new CEO of the airline company Jet Airways? Free PDF download here

⚡️ India has signed Host Country Agreement (HCA) with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for the establishment of an Area Office & Innovation Centre of ITU in which city of the country?
A) Chennai
B) New Delhi
C) Pune
D) Noida

⚡️ Who has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)?
(a) Arun Kumar Purwar
(b) Sunil Agrawal
(c) Amir Subhani
(d) GAV Reddy

⚡️ Which Union Ministry has constituted ‘Swadesh Darshan Awards’?
[A] Ministry of External Affairs
[B] Ministry of Tourism
[C] Ministry of Culture
[D] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

⚡️ India’s Shri Nivetha, Esha Singh, and Ruchita Vinerkar have won the gold medal in the women’s 10m air pistol team event of the ISSF World Cup held in which country?
(a) Bangladesh
(b) Uruguay
(c) UAE
(d) Egypt

⚡️ Rahul Gandhi has launched which state’s Chief Minister’s autobiography “Ungalil Oruvan”?
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Karnataka
(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Kerala

⚡️ What is the name of India’s automatic train collision protection system?
a) Dhaal
b) Raksha
c) Suraksha
d) Kavach

⚡️ Which country has most nuclear weapons in the world?
a) Russia
b) United States
c) China
d) France

⚡️ National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) has been awarded ‘Special Jury Award’ at 9th edition of FICCI Water Awards. Who is the present Director-General of the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG)?
(a) G Asok Kumar
(b) M Jagadesh Kumar
(c) Vijay Paul Sharma
(d) Anup Bagchi

⚡️ The 2022 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup is being held in which country?
A) India
B) Bangladesh
C) New Zealand
D) Australia

⚡️ Who has been appointed as the new CEO of the airline company Jet Airways?
A) Anita Naresh Goyal
B) Sanjiv Kapoor
C) Naresh Goyal
D) Rahul Taneja

⚡️ The Indian Railways has planned to roll out its indigenously developed Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system across 2,000 km of network in the 2022-23 fiscal. What is the name of this system?
A) Dhaal
B) Kavach
C) Shastra
D) Suraksha

⚡️ General Sunith Francis Rodrigues, who had served as Chief of the Indian Army, passed away. He was also the Governor of _________________________.
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Karnataka
(c) Gujarat
(d) Punjab


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