Microsoft word MCQ Questions Part-3

Microsoft word MCQ Questions Part-3

1.What is the shortcut key to make a character a superscript?
A) Ctrl + Shift + =
B) Ctrl + Shift +}
C) Ctrl + =
D) Ctrl + {
Correct Answer: C) Ctrl + =
2. How many ways to save a document in MS Word
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6
Correct Answer: A) 3

3. Which of these features is used to paste text without formatting it?
A) Paste Special
B) Format Painter
C) Page Setup
D) Clear Formatting
Correct Answer: A) Paste Special

4. Shortcut to open Thesaurus Window – What is a key?
A) Ctrl + F7
B) F7
C) Shift + F7
D) Alt + F7
Correct Answer: C) Shift + F7

5. Which of these options is used to send the same letter to different people?
A) macros
B) template
C) mail merge
D) Auto Send
Correct Answer: C) mail merge

6.Ms Word 2007 has extension of document file
Correct Answer: D) DOCX

7. Which view of MS Word has background color and effects, show
A) Web layout view
B) Print Layout view
C) Reading View
D) Print Preview
Correct Answer: D) Print Preview

8. What is the F12 Key used for?
A) Save As dialog box
B) Spelling & Grammar dialog box
C) Chart Wizard
D) Font dialog box
Correct Answer: A) Save As dialog box

9. What is Portrait and Landscape
A) Page Orientation
B) Paper Size
C) Page Layout
D) Page Margin
Correct Answer: A) Page Orientation

10. What is the Short Cut Key to Spelling Check
A) F1
B) F2
C) F7
D) F9
Correct Answer: C) F7

11. Which of these options is used to move text
A) Copy and Paste
B) Cut and Paste
C) Paste and Delete
D) Paste and Cut
Correct Answer: B) Cut and Paste

12. Which option is used to change the location of a previously saved document
A) Save as
B) save
C) Open
D) Permission
Correct Answer: A) Save as

13. What is Ctrl + E used for?
A) Re-open the last closed document
B) Insert Hyperlink
C) Insert Bullets & Numbering
D) Center align the selected paragraph
Correct Answer: D) Center align the selected Paragraph

14. How to use Format Painter Tool more than once.
A) Clicking on the Lock Format Painter icon.
B) Double clicking on the Format Painter icon.
C) Selecting Edit à Format Painter à multiple use
D) Cannot use Format Painter Tool more than once.
Correct Answer: B) By double clicking on the Format Painter icon.

15. Which of the following options is used to change margin
A) formatting toolbar
B) page setup dialog box
C) Standard toolbar
D) Header & Footer dialog box
Correct Answer: B) page setup dialog box

16. Default which page is set in MS word
A) Letter
B) Legal
C) A4
D) A3
Correct Answer: A) Letter

17. Which of the following shows Header and Footer –
A) Normal View
B) Page Layout View
C) Print Layout View
D) Draft View
Correct Answer: C) Print Layout View

18. With the help of which of these options are spelling mistakes corrected?
A) Auto Format
B) Auto Text
C) Auto Correct
D) Auto Spell
Correct Answer: C) Auto Correct

19. From which menu can you insert chart option in MS Word
A) Edit
B) Insert
C) Format
D) Tools
Correct Answer: B) Insert

20 .__________ is inserted at the end of the document
A) Footer
B) Foot Note
C) End Note
D) Header
Correct Answer: A) Footer

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