General Studies Short Questions PDF SET-22

General Studies Short Questions PDF SET-22

68. Which of the following religious text is written in the form of questions and answers?
A. Vinaya Pitaka
B. Sutta Pitaka
C. Abhidhamma Pitaka
D. Prakirnas

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Ans-C (Abhidhamma Pitaka✔

69. Megasthanes was the Ambassador of
ମେଗାଷ୍ଟାନ୍ସ ଆମ୍ବାସାଡର ଥିଲେ
A. Selukos Nikator
B. Alexander
C. Darius
D. The Persians

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Ans-A (Selukos Nikator✔

70. Which of the following was not one of the ruling dynasties of South India in the Sangam Age?
A. Chola
B. Chera
C. Pandya
D. Pallava

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73. Kalinga war was took place in the year
କଲିଙ୍ଗ ଯୁଦ୍ଧ ବର୍ଷରେ ହୋଇଥିଲା |
A. 263 BC
B. 240 BC
C. 261 BC
D. 232 BC

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Ans-C(261 BC)✔

74. Establishment of Svetambara as a separate sect within Jainism was resulted at ?
A. Rajgriha
B. Vallabhi
C. Ujjaini
D. Sanchi

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75. What was the extent of Harsha’s empire?
A. The entire Indian subcontinent
B. The whole of India
C. The entire Deccan region
D. A part of northern India

76. The harappan economy was primarily in nature.
ହରପନ୍ ଅର୍ଥନୀତି ମୁଖ୍ୟତ ପ୍ରକୃତିର ଥିଲା |
A. Rural
B. Industrial
C. Urban
D. Capitalist

77. Who is the author of Kadambari, from among the following?
ନିମ୍ନମାନଙ୍କ ମଧ୍ୟରୁ କାଦମ୍ବରୀର ଲେଖକ କିଏ?
A. Kalidas
B. Panini
C. Kautilya
D. Bana

78. Of the four main Chalukya dynasties of early medieval India Pulkesin II, who defeated Harsha, belonged to Chalukya dynasty of

A. Anhilwad (Gujarat)
B. Badami or Vatapi
C. Vengi
D. Kalyani

79. Which of the following temples has acquired the name of the Black Pagoda?
ନିମ୍ନଲିଖିତ ମଧ୍ୟରୁ କେଉଁ ମନ୍ଦିରଗୁଡ଼ିକ କଳା ପାଗୋଡା ନାମ ହାସଲ କରିଛନ୍ତି?
A. Sun Temple
B. Lingaraj Temple
C. Bhuvaneshwari Temple
D. Jagannathdeva Temple

81. The caves of Ajanta and EIlora belonged to
A. Jains
B. Hindus
C. Buddhists
D. Sikhs

82. In which was the following texts of Kalidasa, Sati system has been mentioned?
କାଲିଦାସର ନିମ୍ନଲିଖିତ ଗ୍ରନ୍ଥଗୁଡ଼ିକରେ କେଉଁଠି ସତୀ ପ୍ରଣାଳୀ ଉଲ୍ଲେଖ କରାଯାଇଛି?
A. Raghuvamsa
B. Kumarasambhava
C. Ritusamhara
D. Meghaduta

84. In the early Vedic-period, Varna system was based on
A. Education
B. Birth
C. Occupation
D. Talen

85. Who among the following is not associated with medicine In ancient India?
ପ୍ରାଚୀନ ଭାରତରେ ନିମ୍ନଲିଖିତ ମଧ୍ୟରୁ କିଏ ଷଧ ସହିତ ଜଡିତ ନୁହେଁ?
A. Dhanvantri
B. Susruta
C. Bhaskaracharya
D. Charaka

86. The Mauryan sculptors had attained the highest perfection in the carving of
A. floral designs
B. pillars
C. animal figures
D. yaksha figures

87. The most important Pahlava ruler was
ସବୁଠାରୁ ଗୁରୁତ୍ୱପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ ପହଲଭା ଶାସକ ଥିଲେ |
A. Mues
B. Gondophemes
C. Menander
D. Darius

88. Who was referred to as Amitraghata by the Greeks?
ଗ୍ରୀକ୍ ଅମିତ୍ରାଗାଟା ଭାବରେ କାହାକୁ ସମ୍ବୋଧିତ କରିଥିଲେ?
A. Chandragupta Maurya
B. Bimbisara
C. Bindusara
D. Vasudeva

89. During whose reign among the following the Mahayana emerged?
A. Ashoka
B. Kanishka
C. Bimbisara
D. Harsha

90. The archaeologist to initially discover the Mohenjo-Daro site of the Indus Valley Civilization was
A. Sir John Marshall
B. Daya Ram Sahni
C. Sir Martimir Wheeler
D. Rakhal Das Banerji

146. The oldest mountains in India according to geographical history are:
A. Satpuras
B. Nilgiris
C. Vindhyas
D. Aravallis

147. In which one of the following Union Territories, people of the Onge tribe live?
A. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
B. Dadra and Nagar Haveli
C. Daman and Diu
D. Lakshadweep

148. Which states of India have a common border with Pakistan?
I. Jammu and Kashmir
II. Himachal Pradesh
III. Punjab
IV. Gujarat
V. Rajasthan
A. I, II, III, V
D. I, III, IV, V

149. The highest mountain peak in India is:

A. Kanchenjunga
B. Mount Everest
C. Mt.K
D. Nanda Devi

150. In which one of the following is the Himalayan pass Shipki La located?
A. Chandra valley
B. Hunza valley
C. Nubra valley
D. Sutlej valley

151. Which one of the following countries has the longest international boundary with India?
A. Bangladesh
B. Bhutan
C. China
D. Pakistan

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Ans-A (Bangladesh)✔

152. Port Blair is situated in:
A. North Andaman
B. South Andaman
C. Middle Andaman
D. Little Andaman

153. The Konkan Coast stretches between:
A. Goa and Cochin
B. Goa and Mumbai
C. Goa and Daman
D. Goa and Diu

154. The Himalayas are generally divided into three ranges which do not include:
A. Siwalik
B. Greater Himalayas
C. Karakoram
D. Lesser Himalayas


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