Microsoft Word Computer Questions MCQ -2

Microsoft Word Computer Questions MCQ -2

1. In which toolbar you can find the Format painter tool.
A) Picture toolbar
B) Formatting toolbar
C) Drawing toolbar
D) Standard toolbar
Correct Answer: D) Standard toolbar

2. Using the Find option, we can search.
A) Characters
B) Formats
C) Symbols
D) All of These
Correct Answer: D) All of These

3. What is MS-Word?
A) Operating System
B) Typing Tutor Software
C) Word Processing Software
D) A Game
Correct Answer: C) Word Processing Software

4.Open dialog shortcut key to open –
A) F12
B) Shift + F12
C) Alt + F12
D) Ctrl + F12
Correct Answer: D) Ctrl + F12

5. The effects entered in Background Color or Document are not visible in ……………….
A) Print Preview
B) Print Layout View
C) Reading View
D) Web Page Layout
Correct Answer: A) Print Preview

6. Which of these options is not correct?
A) Title Bar
B) Status Bar
C) Properties Bar
D) Down Bar
Correct Answer: D) Down Bar

7. Which of the following option is not in the window menu?
A) New window
B) Help
C) Arrange All
D) Split
Correct Answer: B) Help

8.Insert Date, Format Page Number, and Insert Auto text ………………. Toolbar has buttons.
A) Formatting
B) Header and Footer
C) Standard
D) Edit
Correct Answer: B) Header and Footer

9.Page Border option ……………… .. is in the menu.
A) Insert
B) Format
C) Tools
D) View
Correct Answer: B) Format
10. Data copied in MS-Word appears in …………….
A) Taskbar
B) Task pane
C) Clipart
D) None of these.
Correct Answer: D) None of these.

11. How many steps are there in the mail merger
A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 8
Correct Answer: D) 8

12. Which menu has the option of Bullets and Numbering
A) Insert
B) Format
C) Tools
D) View
Correct Answer: B) Format

13. What is the shortcut to break a line.
A) CTRL + Enter
B) Alt + Enter
C) Shift + Enter
D) Space + Enter
Correct Answer: C) Shift + Enter

14. In MS Word, how many types of Summary can be created under “Auto Summarize option”.
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6
Correct Answer: B) 4

15.MS Windows file name can contain most characters
A) 256
B) 255
C) 8
D) 11
Correct Answer: B) 255

16. With the help of which toolbar, we can change the size and color of the font
A) Standard
B) Formatting
C) Print Preview
D) None of these
Correct Answer: B) Formatting

17. Position of Gutter can be –
A) Left & Right
B) Left & Top
C) Left & Bottom
D) Left Only
Correct Answer: B) Left & Top

18.Word 2003 is how much Margin is on the left side of the document page by default
A) 1 ″
B) 1.25 ″
C) 1.5 ″
D) 2 ″
Correct Answer: B) 1.25 ″

Which of the following is not a toolbar
A) Word count toolbar
B) Table and Border Toolbar
C) Reviewing Toolbar
D) Document Map Toolbar
Correct Answer: D) Document Map Toolbar

20.What is the shortcut key to change the case of a text
A) Shift + F3
B) Ctrl + F5
C) Shift + C
D) Ctrl + K
Correct Answer: A) Shift + F3

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