Lodi & Sayyid Dynasty related questions

1. Arrange the following in chronological order:
1. Tughlaqs
2. Lodhis
3. Sayyids
4. Ilbari Turks
5. Khiljis
(A) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (B) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
(C) 2, 4, 5, 3, 1 (D) 4, 5, 1, 3, 2
Ans. (D)

2. Who was the last ruler of Lodi Dynasty?
(A) Bahlol Lodi (B) Ibrahim Lodi
(C) Daulat Khan Lodi (D) Sikandar Lodi
Ans. (B)

3. Who was the founder of the city of Agra?
(A) Firoz Tughlaq
(B) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq
(C) Alauddin Khilji
(D) Sikandar Lodi
Ans. (D)

4. Which one of the following battles led to the
foundation of the Mughal rule at Delhi?
(A) Third Battle of Panipat
(B) Second Battle of Panipat
(C) Battle of Haldighati
(D) First Battle of Panipat
Ans. (D)

5. When did the reign of Delhi Sultanate came to
an end?
(A) 1498 A.D. (B) 1526 A.D.
(C) 1565 A.D. (D) 1600 A.D.
Ans. (B)

6. Who was the founder of Lodhi dynasty?
(A) Daulat Khan Lodhi (B) Sikandar Lodhi
(C) Bahlol Lodhi (D) Ibrahim Lodhi
Ans. (C)

7. Battle of Panipat was fought in the year 1526
between Babur and _________.
(A) Rana Sanga
(B) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
(C) Hemu (D) Ibrahim Lodi
Ans. (D)

8. The Bahmani Kingdom was founded by-
(A) Ahmad Shah I (B) Alauddin Hasan
(C) Mahmud Gavan (D) Firoz shah Bahmani
Ans. (B)

9. Who got the monumental ‘Rayagopurams’ in
front of the temples at Hampi, Tiru-pati, etc.,
(A) Vidyaranya (B) Krishnadeva Raya
(C) Harihara (D) Raja raj

10. Which of the following powers did not fight for
the Tungabhadra Doab?
(A) Pallavas and Chalukyas
(B) Cholas and later Chalukyas of Kalyana
(C) Golconda and Ahmadnagar Sultanates
(D) Vijayanagar and Bahmani kingdoms

11. Who is considered as the greatest of all the
Vijayanagar rulers?
(A) Krishnadeva Raya (B) Vir Narasimha
(C) Sadasiva Raya (D) Rama Raya

12. The medieval city of Vijayanagar is now known as-
(A) Chandragiri (B) Aravidu
(C) Hampi (D) Kondavidu
Ans. (C)

13. The rulers of Vijayanagar promoted-
(A) Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit
(B) Malayalam, Tamil and Sanskrit
(C) Tamil, Telugu and Sanskrit
(D) Telugu, Urdu and Sanskrit
Ans. (C)

14. Krishna Deva Raya was a contemporary of-
(A) Shershah (B) Humayun
(C) Babar (D) Akbar
Ans. (C)

15. Name the river on the banks of which the city
of Vijayanagar is located?
(A) Kaveri (B) Krishna
(C) Wainganga (D) Tungabhadra
Ans. (D)

16. The capital of the Bahamani Kings was-
(A) Gulbarga (B) Bijapur
(C) Hampi (D) Agra
Ans. (A)

17. Krishnadeva Raya main-tained freindly relations with the-
(A) French (B) British
(C) Protuguese (D) Dutch
Ans. (C)

18. The remains of the Great Vijayanagar Empire
can be found in-
(A) Bijapur (B) Colconda
(C) Hampi (D) Baroda
Ans. (C)

19. Chand Bibi the famous Muslim ruler belonged
to which kingdom?
(A) Bijapur (B) Golconda
(C) Ahmednagar (D) Berar
Ans. (C)

20. Krishnadevaraya built the Krishnaswami temple in Hampi, which is situated in the
present state of:
(A) Karnataka (B) Calcutta
(C) Jammu & Kashmir (D) Kerala
Ans. (A)

21. Famous Battle of Talikota was fought in-
(A) 1565 A.D. (B) 1575 A.D.
(C) 1585 A.D. (D) 1570 A.D.
Ans. (A)

22. Who was the first Vijayanagar ruler to wrest
the important fort of Goa from the Bahamanis?
(A) Reva Rayali (B) Harihara I
(C) Harihara II (D) Bukka I
Ans. (C)

23. Which dynasty was ruling in Vijaynagar empire
at the time of the Battle of Talikota?
(A) Sangam (B) Aravidu
(C) Tuluva (D) Saluva
Ans. (C)

24. The city of Vijayanagara is also known as-
(A) Aravidu (B) Chandragiri
(C) Hampi (D) Kondavidu

25. Which battle led to the downfall of the
Vijayanagar empire?
(A) Battle of Takkolam(B) Battle of Talikota
(C) Battle of Khanwa (D) Battle of Panipat

26. Who among the following did not ruled the Delhi
(A) Slave dynasty (B) Sayyed dynasty
(C) Khilji dynasty (D) Ghori dynasty
Ans : (D)

27. Which of the following pair is INCORRECT?
(A) Hiuen Tsang – China
(B) Ibn Battuta – Morocco
(C) Magasthenes – Greece
(D) Fa-Hien – Malaysia

28. In which century, Qutub Minar of Delhi was
(A) 12th Century (B) 13th Century
(C) 14th Century (D) 11th Century

29. How many Mahajanpadas were there in ancient
(A) 20 (B) 16
(C) 18 (D) 10

30. Marco-polo, a famous traveller, was native of
which country?
(A) Uzbekis tan (B) Italy
(C) Mo rocco (D) Russ ia

31. Set the following dynasties in chronological
order of their period of rule.
1. Khilji Dynasty
2. Lodhi Dynasty
3. Tughlaq Dynas ty
(A) 1, 3, 2 (B) 3, 1, 2
(C) 2, 3, 1 (D) 3, 2, 1

32. Who was the founder of Kushan Empire?
(A) Kanishka (B) Vima Kadphises
(C) Kujula Kadphises (D) Vasiskha
Ans. (C)

33. What was the capital of Pallava Dynasty?
(A) Kanchipuram (B) Tiruchirapalli
(C) Tanjore (D) Chennai

34. Prince Khurram was the name of the future
Emperor _________.
(A) Shah Jahan (B) Jahangir
(C) Babur (D) Akbar
Ans: (A)

35. _________first became the capital of a kingdom
under the Tomar Rajputs.
(A) Delhi (B) Patliputra
(C) Calcutta (D) Taxila

36. Noor Jahan was the wife of which Mughal
(A) Babar (B) Akbar
(C) Shahjahan (D) Jahangir

37. Prithviraja III (1168-1192) was a best known
___________ ruler.
(A) Chauhan (B) Gahadavala
(C) Chalukya (D) Brahmana

38. What was the name of architect of Humanyu’s
(A) Man Singh (B) Baram Khan
(C) Mirak Mirza (D) Abul Fazal

39. Gol Gumbaz was built in which century?
(A) 15th (B) 16 th
(C) 17 th (D) 18 th

40. Akbar was __________ years old when he became
(A) 16 (B) 19
(C) 13 (D) 10
Ans. (C)

41. ________ was imprisoned for the rest of his life
by Aurangzeb.
(A) Akbar (B) Shah Jahan
(C) Jahangir (D) Babur

42. Buland Darwaza is located in-
(A) West Bengal (B) Gujarat
(C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Tamil Nadu

43. ________, succeeded to the throne of Ferghana
in 1494 when he was only 12 years old.
(A) Humayun (B) Akbar
(C) Jahangir (D) Babur

12 years old.
44. Prince Salim was the name of the future
Emperor _________.
(A) Babur (B) Humayun
(C) Jahangir (D) Akbar

45. Charminar was built by?
(A) Humayun
(B) Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah
(C) Ashoka (D) Narasimha
Ans. (B)

46. The Mongols under ___________ invaded
Transoxiana in north-east Iran in 1219.
(A) Timur Lang (B) Nadir Shah
(C) Ahmed Shah Abdali (D) Genghis Khan

47. Indian Mughal paintings originated during the
rule of which Mughal Emperor?
(A) Humayun (B) Akbar
(C) Jahangir (D) Shah Jahan
Ans. (A)

48. Dara Shikoh was killed in conflict with his
brother _______________.
(A) Jahangir (B) Aurangzeb
(C) Babur (D) Shahjahan

49. The Arabic work of Al-Biruni that gave an account
of the subcontinent is called __________.
(A) Kitab – Al Hind (B) Kitab – Al Bharat
(C) Pustak – Al Hind (D) Pustak – Al Bharat

50. Which dynasty came to power in India after the
Tughlaq dynasty?
(A) The Guptas (B) The Khiljis
(C) The Mughals (D) The Sayyids

51. In 1528, __________ defeated the Rajputs at
(A) Humayun (B) Akbar
(C) Jahangir (D) Babur

52. Who has built the Vijay Stambha (Tower of
Victory) in Chittorgarh?
(A) Maharana Pratap (B) Rana Kumbha
(C) Rana Sanga (D) Kunwar Durjan Singh
Ans. (B)

53. The Tomar Rajputs, were defeated in the middle
of the twelfth century by the Chauhans of ____.
(A) Ayodhya (B) Ajmer
(C) Dwarka (D) Gwalior

54. Group of Monuments at Hampi was built by?
(A) Harihara and Bukka
(B) Udayin and Shishunaga
(C) Devavarman and Vainya
(D) Mahendraverman and Sirmara

55. The Red fort in Delhi was the residence of
emperors of which dynasty in the 16th century?
(A) Rajput (B) Khilji
(C) Tughlaq (D) Mughal

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