International Border Lines mcq pdf free

International Border Lines mcq pdf

???? Zimbabwe was earlier known as
(A) Southern Rhodesia
(B) Gold Coast
(C) Ivory Coast
(D) Belgium Congo
Ans: (A)

????Which one of the following lakes forms an international boundary between Tanzania and Uganda?
(A) Chad (B) Malawi
(C) Victoria (D) Zambenzi
Ans: (C)

???? Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists. List-I (Old Name)
(a) Siam
(b) Formosa
(c) Mesopotamia
(d) Burma List-II (New Name)
1. Taiwan 2. Myanmar
3. Thailand 4. Iraq Code
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 2 1 3 4 (B) 4 2 1 3
(C) 1 3 2 4 (D) 3 1 4 2
Ans: (D)

???? Which of the following rivers from international border?
(A) Indus (B) Nile
(C) Yamuna (D) Rhine
Ans: (D)

???? McMahon Line is
(A) India-China Border
(B) India-Nepal Border
(C) India-Pakistan Border
(D) India-Bangladesh Border
Ans: (A)

????Radcliffe line defines boundary between
(A) North Korea and South Korea
(B) U.S.A. and Canada
(C) India and Pakistan
(D) India and China
Ans: (C)

????. Rio Grande river makes boundary between
(A) Canada and USA
(B) Mexico and USA
(C) Mexico and Guatemala
(D) Guatemala and Honduras
Ans: (B)

????The International boundary between North Korea and South Korea runs along
(A) 25º N, Lat. (B) 33º N, Lat.
(C) 38º N, Lat. (D) 48º N, Lat.
Ans: (C)

????38th Parallel border lines divides which of the two following countries?
(A) Poland and Germany
(B) Pakistan and Afghanistan
(C) India and Tibet
(D) North Korea and South Korea
Ans: (D)

????Consider the map given below. Afghanistan Punjab Rajputana Balochistan The dotted (broken) line in the map is the
(A) Durand line
(B) Mc Mahon line
(C) Line of demarcation between India and Pakistan suggested by the Boundary Commission
(D) Route followed by the Young husband Expedition
Ans: (A)

????Maginot line was
(A) The border between France and Germany
(B) The border between East Germany and Poland
(C) The border between America and Canada
(D) The border between India and Afghanistan
Ans: (A)

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