History Objective Questions answer PDF | history gk pdf

History Objective Questions answer PDF

welcome to digital odisha, here we discuss some history objective questions answer pdf which help to your all odisha competitive exam, like CT,BED,OTET,OSSSC,ODISHA FOREST GUARD, RI, AMIN exam.

1. Who discovered the Harappan civilization?

(A) Dayam Sahni
(B) Athal Das Banerjee
(C) M. M. Watts
(D) Other
Ans- A

2. The ruler who gave up the body of fasting like a true Jain monk, who was it?

(A) Bindusar
(B) Ashoka
(C) Chandragupta Maurya
(D) Other
Ans- C

3. The first battle of Tarain (1191 AD) was fought between whom?

(A) Muhammad Gauri and Bhima
(B) Muhammad Gauri and Prithviraj III
(C) Muhammad Ghauri and Jaysingh
(D) Muhammad Ghauri and Ajaypal
Ans – B

4. Separate Bengal from Mughal Empire?

(A) Murshid Quli Khan
(B) Aadat Khan
(C) Sarfaraz Khan
(D) Other
Ans- A

5. When did widow remarriage take place?

(A) 1853 AD
(B) in 1856 AD
(C) In 1863 AD
(D) 1865 AD
Ans- B

6. When did the British adopt a policy of ‘divide and rule’?

(A) after 1877 AD
(B) after AD 1833
(C) after 1858 AD
(D) after 1799 AD
Ans- C

7. How many years did the civil war in England last?

(A) Four years
(B) seven years
(C) two years
(D) Ten years
Ans- B

8. Where did Aryan come from India?

(A) from West Asia
(B) from East Asia
(C) from Central Asia
(D) from South Asia
Ans- C

9. In which period was the composition of Ramayana and Mahabharata?

(A) In the Indus Valley period
(B) In Dravid Period
(C) In the Vedic period
(D) In the Aryan period
Ans- D

10. Who founded the secret society?

(A) Harshavardhana
(B) Chandragupta
(C) Samudragupta
(D) Brahgupta
Ans- B

11. The second battle of Panipat was between whom?

(A) Vagam Khan and Hemu
(B) Akwar and Mirza Hakim
(C) Akwar and Vagam Khan
(D) Akwar and Rana Pratap
Ans- A

12. Where was Muhammad Gauri ruling?

(A) Afghanistan
(B) Iraq
(C) Parcia
(D) Turkey
Ans- A

13. Mastani was the ruler of which ruler?

(A) Vajirao Peshwa
(B) Nana Saheb
(C) Shahu Maharaj
(D) Sher Shah
Ans- A

14. Which Muslim ruler was the first to win the Bihar state?

(A) wind
(B) Khilji
(C) Tuolak
(D) Genghis Khan
Ans- B

15. In which city did the British set up their factories in the first Mughal period?

(A) Madras
(B) Calcutta
(C) Mumbai
(D) Appearance
Ans- D

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