Biology Multiple Choice Questions Odia 2

Biology Multiple Choice Questions

Welcome to digital odisha, here we discuss some biology multiple choice questions which help to your all odisha competitive exam, like ct,bed, osssc, ossc, otet, oas, aso, opsc, odisha forest guard, ri and amin exam. biology multiple choice questions help to your exam.

biology multiple choice questions 

Q1. Penicillin is extracted from


(b) algae


(d) lichen

Ans- C


Q2. Which is the effect of antigen in an ill person ?

(a)It increases the production of W.B.C.

(b)It increases the production of antibiotics

(c)It increases the production of anti-serum against bacteria

(d)It prevents the growth of bacteria

Ans- B


Q3. Which among the following helps in circulation of blood ?


(b)Blood platelets



Ans- D


Q4.Which among the following elements increases the absorption of water and calcium in plants ?





Ans- B


Q5.Which wood will become useless soon after exposing in the open air ?


(b)Fibrous wood

(c)Wet wood


Ans- C


Q6.Which among the following is a large spectrum Antibiotic ?





Ans- C


Q7.Our bones and teeth are generally made of

(a)Tricalcium phosphate




Ans- A


Q8. Angora wool is extracted from


(b) sheep


(d) goat

Ans- A


Q9. Which of the following diseases affects women easily than that of men ?

(a)Heart attack


(c)Joint arthritis


Ans- A


Q10. Pituitary gland is located in





Ans- A

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Q11. What is the limit of MG/DL of blood sugar in the normal person at the time of fast ?





Ans- C


Q12. The cross section of a stem of tree has fifty rings . what is the age of the tree ?

(a)50 months

(b) 5 years

(c) 25 years

(d) 50 years

Ans- D


Q13. Onion is a modified form of


(b) stem


(d)None of these

Ans- B


Q14.The pollination of maize takes place by


(b)pollination by insects

(c)pollination by air

(d)pollination by rain

Ans- C


Q15. Why radiologists do not take direct Xray photographs of intestine ?

(a)Intestines are affected by direct exposure to X-rays

(b)X-rays cannot cross intestine

(c)X-rays are not able to capture clear picture

(d)Even short exposure of X-rays causes cancer in Intestine

Ans- C

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